Muddy Waters

American blues guitarist, singer and composer, Muddy Waters was born on April 4, 1913 in Rolling Fork, Mississippi. He is considered a founder of the modern Chicago Blues style and became the most prominent interpreter of the electric blues. His powerful influence inspired the emergence of electric blues-oriented groups in the UK during the '60s. Inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, his legacy continues to shape and define blues music.

Muddy Waters was a father figure to many influential musicians including [a4092559], [a1965346], and [a10232473]. Sadly, one of his children passed away on December 10, 2020 at the age of 56.

Despite some discrepancies regarding his birth year and place, Muddy Waters' impact on music remains undeniable. His talent and contributions have solidified him as an iconic figure in American blues history.


Muddy Waters
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