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Nick Hakim

Raised in Washington, DC in a household overflowing with musical diversity, *Nick Hakim* effortlessly blends genres to create his unique sound. Influenced by soul, hip-hop, go-go, folk music and more from his Chilean and Peruvian parents, Nick's music combines the ambient airy sound of psychedelic with the raw gut-wrenching emotion of the blues. With an early admiration for Marvin Gaye and Harry Nilsson, Nick showcases his talent through a broad range of instruments alongside shared production duties.

What sets *Nick Hakim* apart is the vulnerability of his vocals. Intimate and silken, they serve as a powerful instrument that never pushes itself to excess. His introductory recordings reflect this beautifully. Drawing inspiration from artists like Charlotte Dos Santos, Nai Palm, Jon Bap and Madison McFerrin among others; Nick creates a captivating musical experience that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

If you're looking for an artist who effortlessly fuses genres while delivering heartfelt performances filled with emotional depth and authenticity; look no further than *Nick Hakim*. His mesmerizing sound will transport you to another world.


Nick Hakim
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