Ofege was a Nigerian band formed in the early 1970s by a group of teenage hippies at St. Gregory's College in Lagos. Influenced by guitar legends like Carlos Santana and Jimmy Page, as well as African bands like Osibisa, Ofege created a unique blend of psychedelic rock and Afrobeat. Their debut album "Try And Love" was recorded while they were still in high school and became a national sensation. Although their career was short-lived, with only four albums released until 1978, Ofege's music would be rediscovered in the 21st century.

Their third album, *Nobody Fails*, showcased their post-60s harmony vocals and wild guitar solos. The fusion of complex African rhythms with fuzzy psychedelic effects made for an exhilarating listening experience. On their fourth album, *The Last Of The Origins*, Ofege delved into funk-rock with a psychedelic twist. With catchy rhythms and mind-bending instrumentals, this record solidified their reputation as one of Nigeria's most legendary groups.

Despite limited recognition outside Nigeria during their time, Ofege's music continues to captivate audiences today. If you enjoy artists like The Hygrades, The Funkees, or Orlando Julius, you'll definitely appreciate the groovy sounds of Ofege.


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