Orchestra Baobab

Orchestra Baobab is a Senegalese Afro-Cuban band that was formed in 1970. Originally a multi-ethnic, multi-national club band, they fused the popular Cuban Music with Wolof Griot culture and Mandinga musical traditions of the Casamance region. After disbanding in the 1980s, they reunited in 2001 due to growing interest in their recordings across Europe.

With members including Ndiouga Dieng, Balla Sidibe, Rudy Gomis, Latfi Ben Geloune, Barthélemy Attisso & Issa Cissoko, Orchestra Baobab has created a unique sound that blends various genres and cultural influences. Their music reflects the vibrant energy of West Africa while incorporating elements of "Son" and "Pachanga".

Having gained popularity for their distinctive style and captivating performances, Orchestra Baobab continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their timeless melodies and infectious rhythms. Their reformation has allowed new generations to discover their rich musical heritage and appreciate their contribution to African music.


Orchestra Baobab
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