Origamibiro is an electronic music project that was started by Tom Hill and later joined by Andy Tytherleigh in 2008. With a unique blend of organic and digital sounds, Origamibiro creates captivating and atmospheric compositions that transport listeners to another world.

Inspired by artists such as The Boats, Greg Haines, and Ryan Teague, Origamibiro's music combines elements of ambient, experimental, and classical genres. Their soundscapes are filled with delicate melodies, intricate textures, and subtle rhythms that draw the listener in and hold their attention.

With influences ranging from Rafael Anton Irisarri to Peter Broderick, Origamibiro has crafted a distinct sonic identity that sets them apart from their contemporaries. Their compositions are meticulously crafted, with each layer of sound carefully placed to create a rich tapestry of emotion and atmosphere.


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