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Pere Ubu

Evolving from Cleveland's Teutonic protopunks, Pere Ubu was formed in 1975 by David Thomas and guitarist Peter Laughner. Ubu's early singles, "Heart Of Darkness" and "Final Solution," showcased their restless angst before it became popular. With superior musicianship and influences from Thomas's Jehovah's Witness upbringing, Pere Ubu released albums like The Modern Dance and Dub Housing that subverted rock norms. After a split, the band regrouped for more self-indulgent albums through 1982. They returned with renewed focus in 1988 and continued to experiment with pop textures while maintaining their unique sound.

Tim Kerr Records picked up the ball with 1995's Ray Gun Suitcase—a mix of Ubu's vicious rock, luscious pop, and art-damaged identities—and a series of multimedia-enhanced EPs. Throughout their career, Pere Ubu has consistently pushed boundaries and defied categorization. Their music is characterized by Thomas's distinctive warble and their willingness to explore unconventional sonic territories.

With an extensive lineup that has included notable musicians such as Tom Herman, Mayo Thompson, Allen Ravenstine, Tim Wright, Tony Maimone, Scott Krauss, Chris Cutler, Garo Yellin, Robert Wheeler,and Steve Mehlman among others—Pere Ubu continues to create thought-provoking music that challenges listeners' expectations.


Pere Ubu
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