Phil Ochs

American folk singer/songwriter, Phil Ochs, was born on December 19, 1940 in El Paso, Texas. He became a prominent figure in the music scene during the 60s and 70s. Known for his poignant lyrics and powerful voice, Ochs captivated audiences with his songs that often addressed social and political issues of the time.

Tragically, on April 9th, 1976, Ochs took his own life by hanging himself at his sister's home in Far Rockaway, NY. His untimely death marked the end of a brilliant career that left an indelible mark on American folk music.

Ochs' musical style and lyrical prowess have influenced many artists throughout the years. Some notable performers who share similar artistic sensibilities include *Tom Paxton*, *Pete Seeger*, *Utah Phillips*, *Woody Guthrie*, *Buffy Sainte-Marie*, *Dave Van Ronk*, *Cisco Houston*, *Eric Andersen*, *Arlo Guthrie*, *Tom Rush*, *Peggy Seeger*, *David Rovics*, *The Almanac Singers*, *The Weavers*, *Mimi And Richard Farina* ,*Paul Robeson* ,*Tim Hardin* ,*Odetta* ,*Judy Collins,* and the legendary group, The Kingston Trio.


Phil Ochs
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