Piano Magic

Piano Magic is an influential music project that was formed in 1996 by Glen Johnson, Dick Rance, and Dominic Chennell. Initially inspired by studio-bound projects like This Mortal Coil, the group started as a loose collective with ever-changing line-ups. In its early years, Piano Magic's home recordings featured contributions from friends and acquaintances. However, by 1999, they had transformed into a fully-fledged international touring group.

Throughout their career, Piano Magic's sound evolved from lo-fi electronic experimentation to post-rock and electropop before settling into lush melancholy chamber pop. With numerous albums and singles under their belt, they gained recognition for their unique musical style.

In January 2017, Piano Magic announced that 'Closure' would be their final album. They bid farewell to their fans with a memorable last UK concert on December 3rd, 2016 at The Lexington in London – exactly 20 years after their first-ever performance.


Piano Magic
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