Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans is an American noise rock band hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Known for their raw and energetic sound, they have been making waves in the music scene since their formation.

With influences ranging from *Part Chimp* to *The Jesus Lizard*, *Mclusky* to *Young Widows*, Pissed Jeans has carved out a unique place in the genre. Their music combines elements of punk, hardcore, and garage rock to create a truly powerful sonic experience.

Having shared the stage with notable acts such as *Hot Snakes* and *Fucked Up*, Pissed Jeans has built a dedicated fanbase that appreciates their intense live performances. Their discography includes albums like "Honeys" and "Why Love Now", which showcase their ability to deliver gritty lyrics with unapologetic fervor.


Pissed Jeans
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