Polvo is an American indie noise rock band that was formed in 1990 in Chapel Hill, NC. Initially active until 1998, the band later reformed in 2008. Known for their unique blend of dissonant guitar riffs and intricate song structures, Polvo quickly gained a devoted following within the underground music scene.

Influenced by a range of genres including punk, post-rock, and math rock, Polvo's sound is often characterized by its raw energy and experimental approach. Their music has been compared to other notable acts such as *Chavez*, *Rodan*, *Unwound*, and *JUNE OF 44*. With their distinct style and innovative songwriting, Polvo has left a lasting impact on the alternative music landscape.

Throughout their career, Polvo released several critically acclaimed albums including "Cor-Crane Secret" (1992), "Today's Active Lifestyles" (1993), and "Exploded Drawing" (1996). These records showcased the band's ability to seamlessly merge complex rhythms with catchy melodies, solidifying their status as pioneers of the noise rock genre.


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