Pulp is a British indie rock/Britpop band that was founded in 1978 in Sheffield. The sole constant member, Jarvis Cocker, formed the band while at school and led them through various stylistic changes and numerous lineup changes until they found success and stability in the early 90s. After splitting in 2002, Pulp reunited for a series of concerts in 2011 before going on hiatus again in 2013. In 2022, it was announced that Pulp would reunite once more for shows in 2023.

Throughout their history, Pulp has had an ever-evolving lineup with notable members including Peter Dalton, David 'Fungus' Lockwood, Mark Swift, Jamie Pinchbeck, Jimmy Sellars, Wayne Furniss, David Hinkler, Simon Hinkler, Tim Allcard, Michael Paramore, Saskia Cocker Russell Senior,Candida Doyle,Pete Mansell,Captain Sleep ,Steven Havenhand,Antony Genn ,Steve Mackey,Nick Banks ,Mark Webber,and Andrew McKinney .

Their music spans several albums including "Different Class," "This Is Hardcore," and "We Love Life." Known for their distinctive sound and lyrics that explore themes of love,society,culture,and everyday life,Pulp has left a lasting impact on the indie rock genre.


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