Qasim Naqvi

Qasim Naqvi is a Pakistani jazz drummer and percussionist. With his unique style and skill, he has become a prominent figure in the music industry. Naqvi draws inspiration from various genres and artists such as *Andrew Cyrille*, *Wadada Leo Smith*, and *William Parker*. His music is characterized by its captivating rhythms and mesmerizing beats.

Naqvi's talent extends beyond just drumming; he also experiments with different instruments to create innovative sounds. He has collaborated with renowned performers like *Rob Mazurek* and *Field Works*, pushing the boundaries of traditional jazz music.

Known for his improvisational abilities, Naqvi has worked alongside esteemed musicians including *Mary Halvorson*, *Vijay Iyer*, and *James Brandon Lewis*. His collaborations with artists like *Craig Taborn* and *Henry Threadgill* have resulted in groundbreaking compositions that challenge conventional notions of jazz.


Qasim Naqvi
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