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Radiohead is an alternative rock band from Oxfordshire, England. Formed in 1986 by school friends, they gained worldwide recognition with their hit single "Creep" from the album "Pablo Honey" in 1993. Their second album, "The Bends", solidified their success in the UK with its atmospheric guitar sound and Thom Yorke's emotive vocals. The critically acclaimed album "OK Computer" further propelled them to fame, showcasing their expansive sound and themes of modern alienation. With influences ranging from post-punk to experimental electronic music, Radiohead continues to evolve and push boundaries.

After experimenting with different sounds on albums like "Kid A", they returned to a more conventional rock sound on "Hail To The Thief". In 2007, they made headlines by releasing "In Rainbows" through a pay-what-you-want model. Their latest album, "A Moon Shaped Pool", was released in 2016.

Inspired by bands like The Smiths, Pixies, Joy Division, and R.E.M., Radiohead has carved out their own unique place in the music industry. Known for their thought-provoking lyrics and innovative approach to music production, they have become one of the most influential bands of our time.


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