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Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson, OBE (born 3 April 1949, Notting Hill, London, England) is a British songwriter, guitarist and recording and performing musician. He made his début as a recording artist in September 1967. Thompson has three children from his first marriage and one son from his second marriage. Since 2019, he has been in a relationship with another individual. He was awarded the Orville H. Gibson award for best acoustic guitar player in 1991.

Richard Thompson is an acclaimed British songwriter and guitarist known for his contributions to the music industry. Born on April 3rd, 1949 in Notting Hill, London, England, Thompson began his career as a recording artist in September of 1967. Throughout his musical journey, he has showcased immense talent and creativity both as a solo artist and as part of various collaborations.

Thompson's personal life includes two marriages and several children. From 1972 until their divorce in 1982, he was married to Linda Thompson with whom he shares three children: Maimuna, Teddy, and Kamila. In 1985, he entered into another marriage with Nancy Covey which lasted until their divorce in 2018; they have one son named Jack together.

In recent years since 2019 onwards Richard Thompson has been romantically involved with Zara Phillips [a3162196]. Additionally notable is that he is also the


Richard Thompson
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