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Roy Buchanan

Roy Buchanan was an American guitarist and blues musician. Born on September 23, 1939 in Ozark, Arkansas, he became known for his soulful playing style and virtuosic guitar skills. Buchanan tragically passed away on August 14, 1988 when he took his own life in a jail cell in Fairfax, Virginia.

With influences ranging from Peter Green to Johnny Winter, Buchanan carved out a unique place in the world of blues music. He was often compared to legendary performers such as Mike Bloomfield and Alvin Lee. His collaborations with artists like John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers and The Vaughan Brothers further showcased his talent.

Buchanan's discography includes notable albums such as "When a Guitar Plays the Blues" and "Hot Wires." His distinctive sound and emotive playing continue to inspire musicians today. Fans of Freddie King and Robin Trower will find themselves drawn to Buchanan's powerful performances.


Roy Buchanan
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