Roy Woods

Denzel Spencer, better known by his stage name Roy Woods, is a singer, rapper, and songwriter. Born on April 18, 1996 in Brampton, Canada, he gained recognition for his hit song "Jealousy". Roy Woods is signed to OVO Sound, the record label co-founded by Drake, Noah Shebib, and Oliver El-Khatib.

With his unique blend of R&B and hip-hop influences, Roy Woods has carved out a distinct sound that sets him apart from other artists. His smooth vocals and introspective lyrics resonate with listeners worldwide. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, he creates music that connects on a deep level.

Similar to artists like Ramriddlz, TYuS, and Che Ecru among others; Roy Woods has made a significant impact on the music scene. Collaborating with renowned acts such as PARTYNEXTDOOR and Majid Jordan further showcases his versatility as an artist. With each release gaining critical acclaim and amassing millions of streams online; it's clear that Roy Woods is poised for continued success in the industry.


Roy Woods
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