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Sandro Perri

Electronic and rock musician from Toronto, Canada. Sandro Perri is best known for his work as Polmo Polpo, which debuted in 1999. He also played lap steel for Great Lake Swimmers.

Sandro Perri's unique blend of electronic and rock music has captivated audiences worldwide. With his debut as Polmo Polpo in 1999, he quickly gained recognition for his innovative soundscapes and mesmerizing melodies. As a lap steel player for Great Lake Swimmers, Perri showcased his versatility and musical prowess.

Inspired by artists such as Eric Chenaux, Steve Gunn, and Arthur Russell, Sandro Perri pushes the boundaries of genre conventions. His music resonates with fans who appreciate the experimental yet accessible nature of his compositions. Whether you're a fan of Cass McCombs' storytelling or Cate Le Bon's artistry, Sandro Perri's music offers a captivating journey through sonic landscapes.


Sandro Perri
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