Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi is a Canadian electroacoustic musician born in 1987 in Calgary, Canada. Currently based in Los Angeles, she is known for her unique compositions that primarily feature the organ, piano, synthesizer, strings, and woodwinds. Her music showcases a blend of experimental sounds and ambient textures.

With influences ranging from classical music to drone and minimalism, *Sarah Davachi* has carved out her own distinctive sound. Her compositions create immersive sonic landscapes that captivate listeners with their intricate layers and ethereal melodies.

Her work has drawn comparisons to artists such as Kara-Lis Coverdale, Ian William Craig, Abul Mogard, Christina Vantzou, Felicia Atkinson, Akira Rabelais, Taylor Deupree, Lawrence English, Lucrecia Dalt and more. *Sarah Davachi's* discography includes critically acclaimed albums like "Let Night Come On Bells End The Day," "Gave In Rest," and "All My Circles Run."


Sarah Davachi
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