Sasha is a British DJ and producer, born on September 4, 1969 in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales. He gained fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s for his residencies at renowned clubs like Shelley's, The Hacienda, and Renaissance. Sasha formed a long-term DJ partnership with John Digweed during his time at Renaissance and together they released the pioneering studio-produced DJ mix "Renaissance: The Mix Collection" in 1994.

In addition to his collaborations with John Digweed, Sasha has produced several of his own tracks and remixes for artists such as Urban Soul, M People, Creative Thieves, and the Pet Shop Boys. In 1999, he formed a new partnership with Charlie May (from Spooky) and released the EP "Scorchio" followed by the full-length album "Airdrawndagger" in 2002.

Throughout his career, Sasha has also founded and managed record labels including Excession (1997), emFire (2007), and Last Night On Earth (2011). His contributions to trance and progressive house music have solidified him as an influential figure in the industry. Similar artists who share his musical style include John Digweed, Quivver, Bedrock, Henry Saiz, Guy J,and Way Out West among others.


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