Satyricon is a black metal band from Oslo, Norway, founded in 1991. Originally formed as a death metal band called Eczema, they transitioned to playing black metal the following year and changed their name to Satyricon. The driving force behind the band has always been Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven), who joined in 1991. Drummer Frost (Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad) joined in 1993, and since then Satyricon has primarily operated as a two-man force with occasional session musicians for live performances and album writing.

The early works of Satyricon were heavily influenced by medieval aesthetics and folk music, with "Nemesis Divina" being considered the peak of this era. However, their musical direction shifted with the release of "Rebel Extravaganza" in 1999, embracing an industrial sound and more contemporary imagery. Since then, Satyricon has continued to push boundaries by incorporating heavy metal/rock elements into their music while also gaining mainstream recognition in Norway.

Despite facing challenges such as Satyr's brain tumor diagnosis in 2015 which led to a brief break, Satyricon released their latest album "Deep Calleth Upon Deep" in 2017. The current lineup consists of Satyr on vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards since 1991 and Frost on drums since 1993.


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