School Of Language

School Of Language is an artist known for their unique blend of indie rock and electronic music. With influences ranging from The Week That Was to Field Music, their sound is a captivating mix of catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Led by *David Brewis*, School Of Language has established themselves as a prominent figure in the music industry, collaborating with talented performers such as John Monroe and Dutch Uncles. Their music resonates with listeners who appreciate innovative sounds and introspective storytelling. If you're a fan of artists like Gruff Rhys or Paul Smith, you won't want to miss out on School Of Language's mesmerizing tunes.

Throughout their career, School Of Language has consistently delivered compelling albums that showcase their musical prowess. From collaborations with The Futureheads to solo projects like Pugwash, they have demonstrated versatility and creativity in every endeavor. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as Here We Go Magic and C Duncan, School Of Language continues to push boundaries within the indie rock genre.

Notable performances include joining forces with Unthank : Smith, Daniel Rossen, Hollow Hand, Steve Mason, Rachael Dadd, BC Camplight, Young Knives - showcasing the artist's ability to captivate audiences live. Whether it's through energetic stage presence or intimate acoustic sets, School Of Language never fails to leave a lasting impression on fans worldwide.


School Of Language
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