Scone Cash Players

Scone Cash Players is an organ funk band hailing from Miami, Florida. With their infectious grooves and soulful melodies, they have captivated audiences worldwide. Known for their tight rhythm section and mesmerizing organ solos, Scone Cash Players bring a fresh and modern twist to the classic funk sound. Their music is a perfect blend of old-school funk with a contemporary edge, making them a must-listen for any lover of groove-based music.

Formed in [year], Scone Cash Players quickly gained recognition for their electrifying live performances and dynamic stage presence. Led by renowned organist Adam Scone, the band consists of top-notch musicians who effortlessly blend together to create a cohesive and powerful sound.

With several critically acclaimed albums under their belt, including [album names], Scone Cash Players have established themselves as one of the leading forces in the funk genre. Their music has been featured in popular films and TV shows, further solidifying their status as true pioneers of modern funk.


Scone Cash Players
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