A Brazilian metal band founded in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, *Sepultura* has become one of the most famous thrash/death metal bands in the world. With their first stable recording line-up established in 1985, including Max on guitar/vocals, Igor on drums, Jairo T. on lead guitar, and Paulo Jr. on bass, this "classic" line-up remained together until 1996 when Max Cavalera left the band over a disagreement. Derrick Green took over vocals in 1998.

Since their formation, *Sepultura* has been considered one of Brazil's most famous cultural exports. Their intense and aggressive sound has garnered them a dedicated fan base worldwide. Influenced by various genres such as punk rock and hardcore music, they have crafted a unique style that blends heavy riffs with powerful lyrics.

Despite lineup changes throughout the years, including Igor Cavalera leaving the band in 2006 due to differences with other members, *Sepultura* continues to create groundbreaking music. They have inspired numerous artists within the metal genre and have influenced bands like *Cavalera Conspiracy*, *Soulfly*, and many others listed among their similar artists.


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