Shigeto is a highly acclaimed electronic music artist known for his unique blend of experimental beats and melodic compositions. With a sound that draws influences from jazz, hip-hop, and ambient music, Shigeto has created a distinct style that captivates listeners.

Similar to artists such as Dorian Concept, Nosaj Thing, and Teebs, Shigeto's music pushes the boundaries of genre classification. His tracks are characterized by intricate rhythms, atmospheric textures, and emotive melodies. Whether performing live or producing in the studio, Shigeto consistently delivers captivating performances that showcase his technical skill and artistic vision.

Having collaborated with notable musicians like Daedelus and Machinedrum, Shigeto has established himself as a respected figure in the electronic music scene. His releases on labels such as Ghostly International have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base worldwide. With each new release, Shigeto continues to push the boundaries of electronic music while staying true to his unique sound.


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