Simply Red

Simply Red is a British soul and pop band that was formed in Manchester in 1984. The band was founded by lead vocalist and songwriter Mick "Red" Hucknall, along with former members of the band Durutti Column - bassist Tony Bowers, drummer Chris Joyce, keyboardist/brass player Tim Kellett, guitarist Sylvan Richardson, and keyboardist Fritz McIntyre. They signed to Elektra Records and released their debut album "Picture Book" in October 1985.

Over the years, the band underwent lineup changes. By 1996, Mick Hucknall was the only original member remaining, and Simply Red had become synonymous with his name. After being dropped by their label EastWest in 2000, they established as their own label and released the album "Home" in 2003, along with all subsequent releases.

In 2010, Hucknall retired the name Simply Red after a farewell tour but reunited in 2015 for a tour commemorating the band's 30th anniversary. They also released the album "Big Love". Some of their biggest hits include "Money's Too Tight (To Mention)", "Holding Back The Years", "The Right Thing", "It's Only Love", "If You Don't Know Me By Now", "Something Got Me Started", "Stars", "Fairground", and "Sunrise".


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