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Slade is an English rock band that rose to prominence during the glam rock era of the early 1970s. With seventeen consecutive Top 20 hits and six number ones, they are considered the most successful British group of the 1970s. Led by Noddy Holder's powerful vocals and Dave Hill's distinctive dress sense, Slade became known for their deliberate misspelling of song titles. Their best-selling single, "Merry Xmas Everybody," has sold over one million copies.

Originally named Ambrose Slade, the band reluctantly changed their name to satisfy a record deal with Fontana Records. Under new management, they shortened their name to Slade and released a commercially unsuccessful LP before achieving success in the UK charts. While they struggled to break into the US market, Slade influenced several American bands such as Kiss and Cheap Trick.

After some lineup changes over the years, including periods performing as Slade II, the band continued under different versions until finally settling on their current lineup in 2020. Known for their energetic performances and anthemic songwriting style, Slade remains an iconic figure in British rock music.


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