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Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp is a Chicago-based indie band known for their unique blend of dreamy pop and grunge influences. With their mesmerizing melodies and introspective lyrics, they have captivated audiences worldwide. Formed in 2017, the band consists of Emily Massey (vocals/guitar), Alexander Leeds (bass), Theodore Mathews (drums), and Henry Stoehr (guitar). Slow Pulp's music has been described as ethereal and haunting, creating an immersive experience for listeners. Their debut album "Moveys" showcases their growth as artists and solidifies their place in the indie music scene.

Slow Pulp's journey began when childhood friends Emily Massey and Alexander Leeds started writing songs together in Madison, Wisconsin. They later joined forces with Theodore Mathews and Henry Stoehr to form the complete lineup of Slow Pulp. The band quickly gained attention with their captivating live performances, earning them a dedicated fanbase.

Since then, Slow Pulp has released several critically acclaimed singles and EPs that have garnered praise from both fans and critics alike. Their unique sound combines elements of shoegaze, alternative rock, and lo-fi indie pop to create a truly distinctive sonic landscape. With heartfelt lyrics that explore themes of self-discovery, love, loss, and mental health, Slow Pulp's music resonates deeply with listeners.


Slow Pulp
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