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Soft Metals

Soft Metals is the electronic romance of *Ian Hicks* and *Patricia Hall* of Portland, Oregon. They create dark, romantic, electronic dance music using vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Their unique sound is influenced by experimental noise, avant-garde, early industrial music, minimal synth, 1980s Chicago house, synth pop, and italo disco.

Inspired by their shared love for late 70s to early 80s analog synthesizer music, Soft Metals came together in April of 2009 to write songs. Through moody, experimental and improvised sessions together, they build their songs without knowing which influence will take the lead.

If you enjoy artists such as Cosmetics, //Tense// or White Car then you are sure to appreciate Soft Metals' captivating sound. Other similar artists include Automelodi, Xeno & Oaklander and Geneva Jacuzzi among others.


Soft Metals
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