Sorry Girls

Sorry Girls is a Montreal based duo consisting of vocalist Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and producer Dylan Konrad Obront. The two met in 2008 while studying at university, making joke songs on GarageBand together over pots of Kraft Dinner on the floor of their friend’s apartment. Though they didn’t collaborate on anything serious for many years, there was an immediate pull to create music together. It wasn’t until one serendipitous afternoon almost eight years later that they pooled their combined interest in powerful pop ballads to write ‘This Game’ sparking the inspiration for their debut EP Awesome Secrets, self-released in November 2016.

The EP received more critical attention than they had anticipated, and with this momentum they began to play local shows, embark on a tour across Canada, and work on new music with new-found inspiration.

Sorry Girls draws influence from artists such as Dennis Schocket, Glen Matlock, Marci, Bodywash, Locate S1, Dropkick, Shalom,Frankie Rose,Braids,Foyer Red ,Alaska Reid,koleżanka,Mega Bog, The National Honor Society,Hannah Jadagu,Cloth,Purr,Madeline Kenney, Amber Arcades,mui zyu.


Sorry Girls
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