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Japanese keyboardist, Yoshizawa Hajime, is a prominent figure in the nu-jazz movement. Born in Tokyo in 1965, he gained recognition through his collaborations with jazz drummer Peter Erskine and his involvement with bands like Mondo Grosso and Cosmic Village. With a blend of electronic soulful nu-jazz and straight-ahead jazz, Yoshizawa has released several albums under his own name as well as with Sleep Walker. His diverse range of projects showcases his talent as both a keyboard player and producer.

In addition to his work under his own name, Yoshizawa has also recorded under the moniker Electric Sheep. This experimental project explores ambient sounds and features remixes for artists such as The Jackson 5, Jazzanova, and Riviera. With influences ranging from beat-heavy sounds to more atmospheric compositions, Electric Sheep adds another layer to Yoshizawa's already impressive body of work.

Yoshizawa comes from a family deeply rooted in the arts. His father is actor Takao Yoshizawa, while his mother is former voice actress Nobuko Maki. He also has siblings involved in creative fields - playwright/director Koichi Yoshizawa and pianist Kyoko Yoshizawa. Through his musical endeavors and collaborations, Yoshizawa continues to make significant contributions to the world of jazz.


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