Special Interest

Special Interest is an artist hailing from New Orleans, LA. Their unique sound draws influences from a diverse range of genres including punk, post-punk, and electronic music. With their energetic live performances and thought-provoking lyrics, Special Interest has gained a dedicated following both locally and internationally.

Comparable to artists such as Mandy, Indiana and Gilla Band, Special Interest brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. Their music is characterized by its raw intensity and powerful vocals that captivate audiences. Drawing inspiration from bands like Big Joanie and Algiers, Special Interest combines elements of punk with experimental sounds to create a truly distinctive sound.

With releases such as *The Passion Of*, *Trust No Wave*, and *Spiraling*, Special Interest continues to push boundaries in the music industry. Their collaborations with artists like Water From Your Eyes and Lucrecia Dalt showcase their versatility as musicians. Whether it's performing alongside PVA or Model/Actriz or sharing stages with Nourished by Time or 700 Bliss, Special Interest consistently delivers electrifying performances that leave a lasting impression on their audience.


Special Interest
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