Squirrel Flower

Squirrel Flower is an American indie rock/folk rock project and alias of singer/songwriter Ella Williams. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Ella grew up in Arlington. With a unique blend of indie and folk influences, Squirrel Flower's music captivates listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and melodic sound.

Having gained recognition for her introspective songwriting and soulful vocals, Squirrel Flower has become a prominent figure in the indie music scene. Her captivating performances and raw emotion resonate with audiences, making her a must-listen artist for fans of alternative music.

Whether she's performing solo or collaborating with other talented musicians, Squirrel Flower continues to push boundaries and create music that speaks to the depths of the human experience. With each release, she solidifies her place as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary indie rock/folk rock.


Squirrel Flower
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