Stack Waddy

Stack Waddy is a British rock band that was formed in Manchester, England in 1965. They gained recognition when John Peel signed them to his Dandelion label after witnessing their electrifying performance at the Buxton Blues Festival in September 1969. The original line-up consisted of *John Knail* on vocals and harmonica, *Mick Stott* on guitar, *Stuart Banham* on bass, and *Steve Revell* on drums. Later, John Groom replaced Steve Revell as the drummer.

With their raw and energetic sound, Stack Waddy carved out a unique place for themselves in the music scene. Their music can be described as a fusion of blues and hard rock with a touch of psychedelia. Influenced by bands like Ancient Grease, Zior, Toad, Bang, Truth & Janey, Iron Claw and many others from that era.

Despite their short-lived career, Stack Waddy left an indelible mark on the music industry with their powerful performances and distinctive style. Today they are remembered as one of the pioneering acts of British rock history.


Stack Waddy
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