Stephen Steinbrink

Stephen Steinbrink is a songwriter and recording engineer born on May 1, 1988. He was raised in the arid desert of Arizona and currently divides his time between Olympia, Washington and Oakland, California. With a unique blend of indie folk and lo-fi pop, Stephen's music captures the essence of his surroundings. Drawing inspiration from artists like Little Wings, Nicholas Krgovich, and Karl Blau, Stephen creates heartfelt melodies that resonate with listeners.

Stephen's songs are characterized by introspective lyrics and intricate guitar work. His ability to craft beautiful melodies combined with his soulful vocals make for an enchanting listening experience. Whether he's exploring themes of love, loss or self-discovery, Stephen's music has a way of connecting with audiences on a deep emotional level.

In addition to his solo work, Stephen has collaborated with various artists such as Hand Habits and Madeline Kenney. His contributions as a recording engineer have also been recognized in the industry. With each release, Stephen continues to push boundaries and experiment with different sounds while staying true to his signature style.


Stephen Steinbrink
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