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Suicide is an influential American electronic music duo formed in 1970. Comprised of Alan Vega and Martin Rev, they are known for pioneering the genre of synth-punk and influencing a wide range of artists across different genres. Their raw and confrontational sound, combined with Vega's intense vocals, created a unique sonic experience that challenged conventional notions of music. With their groundbreaking self-titled debut album released in 1977, Suicide left an indelible mark on the music industry and continue to be revered as one of the most innovative acts in history.

Throughout their career, Suicide pushed boundaries and defied expectations with their experimental approach to music-making. Their use of primitive drum machines, synthesizers, and minimalistic song structures laid the foundation for future electronic musicians. Their influence can be heard in various genres such as punk rock, new wave, industrial, and techno.

Despite being ahead of their time, Suicide faced initial resistance from mainstream audiences due to their unconventional style. However, over the years they gained recognition for their artistic vision and have since been celebrated by critics worldwide. Today, Suicide's legacy lives on through countless artists who have been inspired by their uncompromising attitude towards creativity.


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