Telefon Tel Aviv

Formed in 1999 in New Orleans, Telefon Tel Aviv quickly gained recognition for their unique blend of electronic music. Signed to Chicago's Hefty Records, they released their acclaimed debut album in the fall of 2001. Their sound is characterized by intricate melodies and atmospheric textures, creating a captivating listening experience.

In addition to their main project, Telefon Tel Aviv has also worked on various side projects, including composing the score for the 2001 film "New Port South". Their second album, "Map Of What Is Effortless", was released in January 2004 and further solidified their reputation as innovative musicians.

The passing of member Charlie Cooper on January 22nd, 2009 was a tragic loss for the music community. Despite this heartbreaking event, Telefon Tel Aviv's legacy continues to inspire and influence other artists in the electronic music scene.


Telefon Tel Aviv
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