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The Chills

The Chills is an indie rock band that was founded in 1980 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Over the years, the band has gone through various phases with different members, each contributing their unique talents to the group's sound.

From its early days with Martin Phillipps, Peter Gutteridge, Alan Haig, Jane Dodd, and Rachel Phillipps to its current lineup featuring Martin Phillipps, Callum Hampton, Oli Wilson, Todd Knudson, and Erica Scally - The Chills have consistently delivered captivating music that resonates with fans around the world.

With a rich history spanning decades and a diverse range of musicians who have contributed to their sound over the years, The Chills continue to be a force in the indie rock scene. Their music remains influential and timeless as they continue to create memorable songs that captivate audiences everywhere.


The Chills
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