The Cramps

The Cramps was an American punk band formed in 1976 and disbanded in 2009. The husband and wife duo of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy were the only permanent members throughout their existence. Lux Interior's death led to the disbandment of the band.

Notable former members include Bryan Gregory, Pam Balam, Miriam Linna, Nick Knox, Julien Hechtlinger, Kid Congo Powers, Mike Metoff, Click Mort, Jim Sclavunos, Touch Hazard (Tim Maag), Fur Dixon, Candy del Mar, Slim Chance, Nickey Alexander, Doran Shelley,SugarPie Jones,Jungle(Jim Chandler), Bill Bateman, Scott Franklin (Scott "Chopper" Franklin), Jen Hanrahan,and Sean Yseult.

The Cramps had a rotating line-up but remained influential in the punk scene. They are known for their unique blend of rockabilly and punk music.


The Cramps
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