The Deviants

The Deviants were a UK 'underground' band of the 1960's based in Ladbroke Grove, London. Founded by journalist and singer/songwriter Mick Farren, the band originally went by the name The Social Deviants before shortening it to The Deviants. The lineup consisted of Mick Farren on vocals, Sid Bishop on guitar, Cord Rees on bass, and Russell Hunter on drums. Duncan Sanderson later replaced Rees and Paul Rudolph replaced Bishop.

Occasionally billed as *Mick Farren & The Deviants*, the band capitalized on Farren's journalistic popularity and 'street cred'. In 1970, after an American tour, Rudolph, Sanderson, and Hunter formed *The Pink Fairies* with Twink from *The Pretty Things*.

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The Deviants
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The Deviants

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