The Flying Burrito Brothers

The Flying Burrito Brothers was an early country rock band founded in 1968, best known for its influential debut album, 1969's The Gilded Palace of Sin. The original group featured Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman as primary vocalists, guitarists and composers. Over the years, the band underwent many personnel changes with various members joining and leaving. Despite these changes, The Flying Burrito Brothers continued to release albums and tour throughout the 1970s and beyond.

Following the departure of Gram Parsons, Rick Roberts took over as frontman for a brief period before the group eventually splintered. Members went on to join other bands such as Manassas and Eagles. In the mid-1970s, original members Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Chris Ethridge reformed the band with new players. This Nashville-centered incarnation of The Flying Burrito Brothers recorded and toured through the 1980s under different lineups.

In later years, Pete Kleinow began using The Flying Burritos Bros name again with Gib Guilbeau and John Beland joining him. Throughout numerous incarnations led by Beland, the band released albums featuring notable guest artists such as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. However, in 2000, Beland decided to end The Flying Burrito Brothers to pursue a career as a record producer.


The Flying Burrito Brothers
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