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The Holy Family

Supergroup The Holy Family is a powerhouse of talent, featuring legendary producer and bassist Tony Visconti, original Spiders From Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey, Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) on vocals, and Spandau Ballet's Steve Norman on sax and vocals. James Stevenson (The Alarm, The Cult) adds his skills on guitar while Lisa, Maggi, and Hannah Ronson (family of late Mick Ronson) provide mesmerizing backing vocals.

This incredible lineup brings together a wealth of experience and musical prowess to create a unique sound that captivates audiences worldwide. With their diverse backgrounds in the music industry, each member contributes their own distinct style to the group's dynamic performances.

From soulful vocals to electrifying sax solos and intricate guitar riffs, The Holy Family delivers an unforgettable live experience that showcases their collective talent. Their collaboration seamlessly blends genres such as rock, pop, and soul into a cohesive musical journey that leaves fans craving for more.


The Holy Family
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