The Last Resort

The Last Resort is a British oi! band that was established in 1980 in Herne Bay, Kent, England. Named after the famous East London skinhead shop, they quickly became one of the first and most popular oi! bands. The original lineup consisted of Graham Saxby on vocals, Charlie Duggan on guitar, Roi Pearce on bass, and Andy Benfield on drums. After Saxby's departure, Pearce took over as vocalist and Arthur Kitchener joined on bass. They recorded several tracks before changing their name to The Warriors and eventually splitting up.

However, The Last Resort reformed in 1989 with new musicians and Pearce as the only original member. They continued to record and tour throughout the years. As of 2021, the current lineup includes Roi Pearce on vocals, Lars Fredreriksen on guitar, John "JJ Kaos" Pearce on bass, and Mick Gaffney on drums.

It's important to note that The Last Resort and The Warriors are now two separate bands led by Roi Pearce and Graham Saxby respectively.


The Last Resort
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