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The Nude Party

The Nude Party is a rock and roll act that formed in Boone, NC in 2013. Influenced by the Kinks, the Animals, and the Velvet Underground, they have gained a reputation for their wild house parties and boundary-pushing music. Their stripped-down sound captures the spirit of the British Invasion transplanted into the Carolina mountains. With self-booked tours and collaborations with bands like The Growlers and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, The Nude Party is making waves in the music scene.

Known for their debaucherous house parties and love of pushing boundaries, The Nude Party came together in Boone, NC in 2013. Inspired by bands like the Kinks, Animals, and Velvet Underground, they have become a force to be reckoned with in rock and roll. As their local shows gain more attention from both fans and law enforcement alike, they are constantly on the move to avoid trouble at home.

Their unique sound has been described as a blend of British Invasion rock mixed with Carolina mountain influences. Despite initial difficulties capturing their raw energy on record, The Nude Party has found success by recording in sweaty basements with minimal equipment. They have also honed their live performances through countless self-booked tours alongside bands such as The Oblivians and Night Beats.


The Nude Party
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