The Thermals

The Thermals were an American punk/indie rock band formed in 2002 and based in Portland, Oregon. They disbanded in April 2018. The band was initially a solo project of *Hutch Harris*, who wrote and recorded their first album, More Parts per Million, in his kitchen. After being discovered by *Ben Gibbard* of Death Cab for Cutie and signed to a three-record contract, the original live line-up consisted of *Harris* on lead vocals, *Kathy Foster* on bass, *Jordan Hudson* on guitar, and *Westin Glass* on drums.

Over the years, The Thermals went through several lineup changes but remained a powerful trio with Harris on vocals and guitar, Foster on bass and vocals, and *Gabe Joins* on drums. Their energetic performances and catchy punk-influenced sound garnered them a dedicated fanbase.

With influences ranging from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists to Guided By Voices, The Thermals' music resonated with fans of indie rock and punk alike. Their discography includes critically acclaimed albums such as The Body, The Blood, The Machine and Desperate Ground.


The Thermals
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