The Utopians

The Utopians are a US female soul group known for their brief recording career with Motown. They gained recognition when Al Cleveland and Arthur Crier produced their version of "Whole Lot of Shakin' In My Heart (Since I Met You)", originally written by Frank Wilson. Despite the song being previously recorded by the Miracles and Barbara McNair without success, The Utopians' rendition remained unreleased until it was featured on A Cellarful of Motown Volume 4 in 2010.

With their soulful sound and powerful vocals, The Utopians made a lasting impact on the music industry. Although they may have been overshadowed at times, their talent shines through in every note they sing.

Originally from Detroit, MI, The Utopians continue to be remembered as an influential soul group that left an indelible mark on the world of music.


The Utopians
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