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The Vaselines

The Vaselines are a Scottish indie pop band formed in Edinburgh in 1987. The group was founded by singers/guitarists Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee, later joined by Kelly's brother Charles on drums and James Seenan on bass. They signed to Stephan Pastel's newly formed label, 53rd and 3rd, releasing their debut single "Son of a Gun" in 1987. Despite disbanding after the release of their only studio album "Dum Dum" in 1989, they briefly reunited to open for Nirvana in Edinburgh. Their songs were covered by Nirvana and gained renewed interest leading to the release of their compilation album "The Way of the Vaselines" in 1992.

Eugene Kelly went on to front Captain America (later renamed Eugenius), while Frances McKee resurfaced with Suckle after spending most of the decade out of sight.

With influences from the Velvet Underground evident through the inclusion of viola player Sophie Pragnell, The Vaselines' music continues to captivate fans with its unique blend of indie pop sound.


The Vaselines
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