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Tim Jackiw

Tim Jackiw, pronounced (jack-yeu), is a half Ukrainian/Australian born composer of various styles of electronic music, specializing in chilled out melodic techno. With influences from German, Detroit, UK and French techno scenes, Tim has been creating his unique style since 1992. He currently resides in Melbourne but originally hails from Adelaide. Together with another artist from Melbourne, Tim runs the label Offworld Records which has been operating since 1997. After a long hiatus from the late 90's up until 2018, the label now releases new music every few months.

Tim Jackiw draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Derek Carr, Eversines, The Detroit Escalator Co., Priori, Kosh and Rudolf C among others. His music captures the essence of these influences while adding his own distinctive touch.

If you're a fan of artists like Fantastic Man, Böhm, G-Prod or Escape Artist - then Tim Jackiw's music will definitely resonate with you. Other notable performers who share similar vibes include Biodive, Versalife and ReKaB.


Tim Jackiw
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