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Tindersticks is an English band that was formed in 1991. The band originated from a previous group called Asphalt Ribbons, which was formed in 1988. The founding members of Tindersticks include Stuart A. Staples (vocals), David Boulter (organ & accordion), Neil Fraser (guitar), Dickon Hinchliffe (guitar & strings), Al Macaulay (percussion & drums) and John Thompson (bass). However, Thompson was later replaced by Mark Colwill before their first recordings.

During the early stage of their career, Tindersticks recorded six studio albums, two additional soundtrack albums, and several singles. After a hiatus between 2004 and 2008, the band underwent some changes in its lineup. The current lineup consists of Staples, Boulter, Fraser, Earl Harvin on drums and Dan McKinna on bass. They have also had intermittent appearances by Terry Edwards and Gina Foster.

Tindersticks emerged as one of the most unique British acts of the '90s. They stood out from both the British indie scene and the Brit-pop guitar combos that dominated the U.K. charts at that time. Their music is characterized by dense and difficult songs with literary lyrics, intricate melodies, mumbled vocals, and gently melancholic orchestrations.

Influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis, Scott Walker, Lee Hazlewood,and indie rock aesthetics;


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