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Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus is a US indie rock/punk rock band from Glen Rock, New Jersey. Founded in 2005, the band consists of Liam Betson on baritone guitar and vocals, Andrew Cedermark on guitar, keyboard, and vocals, Ian Graetzer on bass guitar, Chris Wilson on drums, Patrick Stickles on vocals, guitar, keyboard, and harmonica, and Dan Tews on guitar, keyboard, and vocals.

With their unique blend of indie rock and punk rock influences, Titus Andronicus has gained a dedicated following since their formation. Hailing from Glen Rock in New Jersey [and formed in 2005], the band has been making waves with their energetic live performances and thought-provoking lyrics.

Their lineup includes Liam Betson providing his distinct baritone guitar sound along with powerful vocals. Andrew Cedermark adds his skills on the guitar as well as keyboards while also contributing to the vocal harmonies. Ian Graetzer holds down the low end with his bass guitar skills while Chris Wilson keeps things tight with his drumming expertise. Frontman Patrick Stickles takes charge of lead vocals while also showcasing his talents on various instruments including the guitar and harmonica. Lastly but not leastly we have Dan Tews who brings additional depth to the band's sound through his contributions on both guitars and keyboards.


Titus Andronicus
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