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Together Pangea

Together Pangea, formerly known as Pangea, is an American rock band that has been making waves in the music scene since their formation. With a sound that combines elements of garage rock, punk, and surf rock, *Together Pangea* has carved out a unique niche for themselves.

Inspired by bands like Beach Goons, White Reaper, and Tijuana Panthers, *Together Pangea* brings a raw energy to their live performances that is infectious. Their music is characterized by catchy hooks, gritty guitar riffs, and lyrics that delve into themes of youth rebellion and self-discovery.

Having shared the stage with notable acts such as FIDLAR and Ty Segall, *Together Pangea* has built a loyal fanbase who are drawn to their high-energy shows and relatable lyrics. Whether you're a fan of garage rock or simply appreciate good music with an edge, *Together Pangea* is sure to leave you wanting more.


Together Pangea
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